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Curtin University
Curtin Water Quality Research Centre

Partners and Colleagues

“Our purpose is to provide sustainable water services to make Western Australia a great place to live and invest. We provide world-class water and wastewater services to thousands of households, businesses and farms in towns and communities spread over 2.5 million square kilometres. We also maintain drainage and irrigation services for both residential and commercial properties.

Our Security through Diversity approach to future water needs involves building and managing a portfolio of water supply and demand programs while balancing environmental, social and economic outcomes.”

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“Water Quality Research Australia Limited (WQRA) is a national research centre established to succeed the CRC for Water Quality and Treatment which ended on 30 June 2008. WQRA undertakes collaborative research of national application on drinking water quality, recycled water and relevant areas of wastewater management. The main focus of the research program is on urban water issues related to public health and acceptability aspects of water supply, water recycling and aspects of wastewater management. WQRA also has a Regional and Rural Water Supplies Program aimed at improving water quality and public health in rural areas and an Education Program, to continue the successful elements CRC Education and Training Program.”

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“Eawag is a Swiss-based and internationally linked aquatic research institute committed to an ecological, economical and socially responsible management of water – the primary source of all life. It carries out research, teaching and consulting and forms a link between science and practical application.”

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“CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and one of the largest in the world. CSIRO research delivers solutions for agribusiness, energy and transport, environment and natural resources, health, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing and mineral resources. CSIRO has developed a strategy, set of policies and reporting procedures to ensure our success as a research enterprise with global reach.”

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“The Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) is a Business Unit of the South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water). The Centre was formed on the corporatisation of the Engineering and Water Supply Department to SA Water on 1st July 1995, and incorporates the former State Water Laboratory and the Australian Centre for Water Quality Research.”

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“Operating since 1962, the Australian Water Association (AWA) is Australia’s largest and most influential not for profit water resource focussed association with well over 4,000 members of which 750 are corporate or utility members. Whether you are an organisation or an individual, membership to AWA is the best way to remain informed and connected within the water industry and broader water environment sector.”

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“The Royal Australian Chemical, founded in January 1917, is both the qualifying body in Australia for professional chemists and a learned society promoting the science and practice of chemistry.”

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Recognised as a world leader in the field of sustainable, adaptive management of natural systems. Expertise and technologies are in use locally, nationally and internationally with our clients spread across global including Australia, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK, Italy, the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. Our marquee projects include Lake Como (Italy), Shoalhaven (Australia), Murray Darling Basin (Australia) and Marina Bay (Singapore).

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The Swan-Canning River Basin On Line project proposal is a joint initiative of the Centre for Water Research at The University of Western Australia and Curtin University. It presents a simple strategy for reversing the current degradation of the Swan-Canning River Basin by setting up a modern adaptive management system that will allow the Swan-Canning River Basin and its receiving waters to be managed sustainably for the benefit of the Western Australian community.

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